About Me

I have had many years of professional experience working within both Arabic and International Broadcasting organisations.  I have spent time living and travelling to the Middle East but was born and raised in the UK.  I have received both under grad and post grad qualifications and am working towards a doctorate in the field of the politics of Middle Eastern Identities.  I am particularly interested in the Levant region because it is a region I am familiar with; linguistically, historically and culturally.  I hope that my blog provides an informative approach to the Middle East from a European and Arab perspective.  I hope it challenges thought and allows for debates.  I will not always focus on events in the Middle East however, I may give personal accounts of experiences, I may even share some funny stories with you from time to time (apparently I have a good sense of humor) and I may even share the odd personal photo from my collection of images that I have taken in the Middle East.  At times I may address academic issues and theories providing critical insights into events and at other times I may simply provide commentary on news events from the region.

I am new to this and I am keen to give this a go.  I have been told by many friends that I should write and present a different perspective and one that may not necessarily be known.


I hope you enjoy.


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