Mocking the Weak – the question of Islam in Egyptian Popular Culture.


Sama Al-Masri a name that many probably have never heard before.  She’s an Egyptian dancer and singer, well known across the Middle East.  She has been creating a stir across Egypt by offending both the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists.  Her lyrics and her dances are regarded by these two groups as being “un-Islamic”  The issue here is not whether or not Al-Masri’s views are Islamic, criticism or otherwise.  The issue here is the developing civil society under the Brotherhood leadership and post-revolution.  The issues it seems are the rights of women, the rights of free thinking and criticism, the freedom to have thought and articulate that through music or any other art forms and not fear death threats, imprisonment or anything else.  What is at stake is the shift in Egyptian politics that has occurred post-Mubarak that has reinforced and highlighed Mubarak’s  position and thoughts on groups such as the Brotherhood which he repressed under his rule.  Mubarak’s politics couldn’t last forever, eventually he would have died, however, the brotherhood are in for now and they won’t last forever either. What Egypt needs are more Al-Masri’s to pave the way for criticism, discussion and civil rights. 



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