The Coffee Pot…For Coffee lovers…

The Coffee Pot...For Coffee lovers...

If you, like me, have Middle Eastern, Greek or Turkish influence you will be familiar with the coffee pot. This pot of coffee is like no other pot in the world. It offers strong, dark, freshly brewed to your liking a coffee like no other. This coffee has many stories of its own and a long history. Within it can be brewed endless amounts of coffee to suit the tastes of any coffee lover. You can have it black, strong, without sugar or spice, known as bitter. You can have it medium with medium sugar known as medium or, you can have it strong and sweet – which metaphorically is like me! You can have it with cardamon if you like spice, you can have it with cinnamon and you can even add hot milk to it to remove that bitterness. The choice is yours.

Some like dark roasted coffee, others lightly roasted, but almost always freshly ground. This particular coffee pot has many stories to suit many social occasions.

This pot is not on here for no purpose. Traditionally in the Middle East strong bitter coffee is offered to guests coming to pay their condolences for loved ones lost – bitterness representing the bitter death.

For me it represents the social connotations which are triggered every time I see the pot. Every day across the Middle East men and women have prepared in a pot similar to this one a coffee.

Women usually have morning coffee’s with their families and again after their husbands leave to work with their friends. It acts as a coffee break and a social gathering of housewives who want to break their daily chores – often the coffee mornings can become a chore. Usually a pleasure.

Men can be seen sitting in coffee shops sipping from traditional coffee cups whilst playing cards or backgammon and some smoking a water pipe.

There is mystery for the coffee can bare all. Some pay to have their coffee cup read to them in a similar way that tea leaves are read. Secrets can be seen, promises can be made, tears can be shed, marriages can be foreseen.

The coffee pot brings people together in happiness and sadness. It can unite people in love and sorrow.

This coffee pot is like no other pot I have seen.


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