Endgame: Syria

Endgame: Syria

reading this article about the new game on the Syrian civil war left me feeling somewhat astonished.  A game about civil war and the creator of the game claims that it can inform those who do not want to watch the news what is going on.  I have a big problem with that statement!  My problem with the statement is that who actually knows what is going on in Syria?  When the demonstrations started in 15 March 2011 the world watched the news thinking another regime in the Middle East was about to be toppled.  Tunisia, Egypt and Libya had just been through uprisings/revolutions and leaders/governments were toppled.  However, the Syrian conflict will be a long winded bloody one.  My point is that as the world was watching the news commentators where speculating how much time Assad had remaining.  Apparently a transitional government was meant to be forming in order to replace the Assad regime once Assad and his Baath party were toppled.  World powers remained somewhat silent and few world leaders/foreign secretaries made any sort of comments as they had done previously with regards to Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  Almost two years later there seems to be no end to the conflict in Syria and we are no closer to knowing the truth!  First of all, the opposition (we were lead to believe) were peaceful demonstrators.  Secondly, a group of  oppositional figures were uniting to create a transitional government to replace Assad.  Thirdly, Syria is suddenly reported to be in a civil war with rebel fighters..  The once free Syrian army (FSA) suddenly appears to have terrorists fighting within.  Next, we learn that international governments are arming the FSA in order to topple Assad, we also learn that international intelligence agencies are providing intelligence to the FSA.  Terrorists are arrested in Heathrow airport accused of helping the Syrian terrorist opposition groups of Jihad.  Assad is a brutal criminal, this is without a doubt, he has not done anything to provide security and stability in Syria, he has not listened to public opinion to stop the massacres and bloodshed.  Arab press takes sides, there are groups for Assad and groups against Assad and these are media organisations so news will always be bias.  Not that news in the rest of the world remains free of bias.  My point is that no one really knows what is going on in Syria.  Yet, someone had a bright idea to create a game about a bloody conflict.  Rather than to suggest that this game offers an insight into the state of affairs in Syria just admit you want to cash in on a bloody conflict.  It is not as though you will be appealing to a group of players what want to know what is going on in the Middle East, or even a group of players who care what is going on or even knows where Syria is.  So, rather than attempt to market a game with the aim of providing insight, why not just cash in on a bloody conflict?!


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